Welcome to Take 13 Рthe Reel Experience

Our aim is to organise public film showings which reproduce, as far as possible, the way we show films at home – comfortable, friendly, cosy. It’s not just about watching a film, it’s an experience.

  • The film we watch will be a surprise! Though we might give a hint by announcing a theme.
  • There will be an intermission like in the good old days.
  • You will be in the company of a small group of like-minded folk.
  • There will be time for leisurely chat before and after as well as half time, and probably a drink & summat to nibble.
  • Comfy seats, tables and candlelight whenever possible (it does depend on the venue).

So far

For nearly three years a group of 13 friends and neighbours have been taking turns to host a surprise film showing at home. It’s been great fun but there’s only so much room in our living room so when a lot more people asked if they could come too, we had to organise something bigger at the Bradford Club. It went very well so we did it again at The Midland Hotel.

We have also shown films at Caroline Social Club, Saltaire and the New Bradford Playhouse.

The Near Future

After a few months rest we are now gearing up for a more organised and focussed approach to bringing the joy of film to local groups.
If your venue or community organisation might be interested in showing films to small groups, we can help! Contact us for more information.