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Bye for now

Thanks for looking, but we must announce that Take13 is taking a holiday until further notice. We gave it a good go, but in the end there wasn’t as much interest in our film event format as we had thought; there is so much going on in Bradford already!
We’re not going away permanently, just having a rest while we think what film-related stuff we can get involved with next.

If you have signed up for our newsletters then you will be informed when something happens; if you haven’t signed up, you still can. And of course we twitter now and then.


Summer Lovin’ at Eccy Meccy

This is Eve and Cariss who chose and presented Grease — their family’s favourite — last Saturday.
Eve & Cariss
And here’s Rita who helped with handing out the choice ices last time. She was an usher at the Odeon back in the day. Handing out the choc ices really brought back a few good memories for her.


No more at Glyde House for a while

We are sorry to have to report we must cancel events at Glyde House due to technical reasons 🙁

Hopefully we’ll be back soon … watch this space for more news, or sign up for our newsletter on the right of this page.

Kicking off Christmas in Eccleshill

Not only did we have a great film — It’s a Wonderful Life — introduced by a great lady, Dot Keighley, we were also honoured to be served choc-ices in the intermission by Rita who used to be an usherette 66 years ago at the Bradford Odeon. She’s pleased to hear the Odeon will reopen but she won’t be after her old job!