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Just like back in the day, but better

Take 13 – Bradford Pilot – supported by Film Hub North and Bradford UNESCO City of Film

The days of hundreds of cinemas dotted throughout UK towns and cities are long gone. Communities and people’s habits changed. Films, to a greater extent, are now viewed either in our homes or at venues some distance from them. Cinemas at the heart of local urban communities are pretty much a thing of the past. However, Take 13 believe now is the time to resurrect urban community cinemas.

Take 13 have drawn up a pilot project to deliver a quite unique format for watching films that involves people by encouraging community, inclusivity and ownership. The project is to be launched in the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, Bradford. The city has a broad and varied community that is perfect to test the plan.

Film Hub North

Film Hub North

The project has been identified as having potential and supported by The BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub North with their Pilot Audience Development programme. Also supporting Take 13 is Bradford UNESCO City of Film. Take 13 is excited and encouraged to have the support of these organisations and is keen to continue developing its plan with their support.

Events are Opportunites

Take 13’s events don’t just feature the screening of films, they create opportunities for people to socialise and get to know others from their communities to share their love for film, a long-lost feature of our communities.

Our events have two very important components; these are Community engagement and empowering the Individual. Working in partnership with neutral community-based venues, we ask people from the community to come forward and choose a film to be screened, a film that has meant a lot to them. We explore the individuals’ personal story with their chosen film and help create a brief presentation for the individual to deliver at the event and tell the audience just what it is about the film that makes it appeal to them so much.

Our film viewing habits can be greatly influenced by the stereotypes that we assign to film genres/film categorize, and just because a particular film sits within a certain category, we may dismiss it without giving it a viewing. So, importantly, we don’t disclose the name of the film to be screened.

So, events are social, showcasing relationship to film and each other. We encourage and create opportunities for discussion at each event. But the really important aspect of Take 13’s events is that those who attend get to choose the programme. This is important because it encourages ownership, loyalty to the event and respect for the views of others. And everyone attending has their chance to take their turn to choose and introduce their film choice.

Take 13 is keen to encourage people to broaden their film vocabulary. We are also concerned with community cohesion and social engagement and wish to reach out to communities and people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups and in areas of the community which are either lacking in provision, unable to afford cinema attendance or feel disconnected.

Our project would introduce people to new film experiences in an environment that is non-judgemental, democratic, sociable and fun. And, at the same time, introduce uninitiated people to films and genres previously unknown or unappealing to them. All factors that encourage future attendance and successful events.

Take 13 Pilot Project venues:

Eccleshill Mechanics Institute

Bradford Resource Centre, Little Germany (Centred around asylum seeker project BIASAN)

Bradford City Library Service (utilising several of their suitable venues)

Clayton Village Hall joins Take 13 roster of venues

As Take 13’s word spreads, more venues start to show an interest in wanting to be part of the Take 13 revolution. The latest is the superb Clayton Village Hall which lies right at the hart of the local community and is ideal for Take 13.


Carol Thirkill and Diane Murray, who are both community volunteers and very involved with promoting and creating events at the hall, contacted Take 13 about the possibility of reintroducing regular film screening at the hall. Both were excited and keen to get things going there with February 27th earmarked as the date for the first event.